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Laboratory conductivity detector
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11D/DDS - 11C / 11 conductivity detector

In China, 11X series conductivity meter DDS - already appeared for decades, and it almost became a low block conductivity representatives. Rough shell, panel many switches and knobs and divides class pointer display is typical of this kind of table. We introduced 11X series conductivity meter DDS - using highly integrated single chip microprocessor all digital, function, high accuracy, stable performance, practical, high reliability, simple thoroughly eliminate this type of "low price and performance is poor, function less" weakness. The cheap price, good measure performance will meet the needs of many customers. Can be widely used in thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmacy, biochemical, food and water and other solution conductivity value of continuous monitoring.

Technical indicators

Showing the way: double row digital tube respectively show conductivity and temperature

Measurement range:

Electrode constant x (1 ~ 3000) muon S/cm, 0 ~ 99.9 ℃

0.01 ~ 30 mu S/cm; (with 0.01 electrode);

0.1 ~ 300 mu S/cm; (with 0.1 electrode);

1.0 ~ 3000 mu S/cm; (with 1.0 electrode);

10 ~ 30,000 muon S/cm; (with 10.0 electrode);

Note: wide range: electrode constant x (10 to 20,000) muon S/cm (order specified).

Resolution: 0.001 muon S/cm, 0.1 ℃

But distribution extremely constant: 11D 0.001 ~ cheiloschisis or palatoschisis DDS - cm - 1

11C 0.05 ~ cheiloschisis or palatoschisis DDS - cm - 1

DDS - 11 0.5 ~ 1.5 cm - 1

Used scope: manual 0 ~ 99.9 ℃ (DDS - 11 no temperature compensation)

The temperature coefficient: 0 ~ 10% / ℃ (25 ℃ basis)

Fine degrees: + 1.5% FS

Communication interface: RS232 two-way communication interface

Electricity source: AC220V + 22V, 50Hz 1Hz, external power plus or minus

Working conditions: environmental temperature 0 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity 90 acuities ℅

> power lost save: five years

Size, weight: 202x202x68mm, 1.0 Kg

Standard configuration: 11X second table a DDS - HT5 power a, CP, the conductivity electrode - 1.0, electrode stents a set of one.

Main features

Double row digital tube: respectively show conductivity value and value.

Microcomputer: using high-performance the CPU chip, high-precision AD transform technology and SMT placement technology, perform multiple parameters measurement, temperature compensation, range automatic conversion, high precision and repeatability.

High reliability: veneer structure, touch buttons, no switch knob and potentiometer.

Automatically converts measure frequency: avoid electrode polarization, improve measurement accuracy.

25 ℃ convert: temperature compensation manual input (DDS - 11 no temperature compensation).

Waterproof and erosion design.

Network function: RS232 two-way communication, can match a printer or TLab1.0 communication and data processing software.

Industrial control type watchdog: ensure instrument won't crash

Measurable highly purified water: 11D distribution DDS - extremely constant 0.01 cm - 1 the titanium alloy electrode and seal measurement pool.

An automated measurement destination.

TLab1.0 software display instrument parameters, measured value and curve

Three paragraphs difference is that the scope of different electrode constants.

DDS - 11 no temperature compensation.

Single DDS - 11 digital tube display.

Guide: what shall inform the order of constant power extremely.

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