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UYT - 88 anti-corrosion type static pressure type

UYT - 88 anti-corrosion type static pressure type UYT - 86 in liquid is based on common in a modified. It besides fully compatible regular can measure liquid, it is mainly aimed at outside under strong acid, strong alkali environment asks new generation of static pressure type applications. Anti-corrosion type level gauge of large diameter ceramic capacitor is the pressure sensor to prevent corrosion liquid condensate. Sensor cable all adopt the high-quality corrosion resistant material production, fully closed structure, no mechanical dense outfit. This level gauge built-in temperature sensor measuring medium temperature and constantly temperature compensation, because sensors adopt ceramic substrate, so thoroughly solved the proliferation silicon sensor overload ability is poor shortcomings, it is very good upgraded products.

Main features

· the anti-corrosion type encapsulation, super acidproof alkali

· dry ceramic diaphragm, not by the direction of industrial pollution effects, won't produce

· can undertake large range migration (10:1)

· precision and high stability

· operating temperature range wide

· quick response, no hysteresis phenomenon

Structural materials

Sensor diaphragm: 96% alumina ceramics

Shell body: ptfe

Seal: fluorine rubber

Rubber casing: ptfe

Electric cable: phi 7.5 mm polyethylene gas leading cable

Technical indicators

Measuring scope: 2.5 KPa ~ 7MPa

Overload ability: 100 times FS

Precision grades: 0.1 grade, 0.2 levels

Working voltage: 24VDC

The output signal: 4 ~ 20mA

More than 750 load resistance: Ω

Range migration: 10:1

Temperature error: + 0.01% FS / ℃

Stability error: + 0.1% FS/year

Used scope: - 20 ~ + 80 ℃

Environmental temperature: - 30 ~ + 70 ℃

Storage temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ + 85

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